Ukulele Cohort 1

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live lessons
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live lessons
Getting Started:
Meet Xiaokun & Learn about Your Ukulele
Meet rachel & Learn how to Hold Your Ukulele
Week 1: Strumming


  • Frets and strings

  • How to hold your ukulele 

  • Strumming & Strumming patterns

Lesson 1
Week 2: chords


  • Introduction to basic chords C, AM, F, G

  • Learn how to read chords and follow tabs

Lesson 2
Week 3: Playing songs


  • Introduce Dm, Em, A, D

  • Introduce Ultimate Guitar and how to use it 

  • Beginner songs with C, Am, F, G

    • I'm Yours - Jason Marz 

    • Don't Stop Believing - Journey 

    • Hey, Soul Sister - Train 

  • Progress fluidity of strumming while alternating chords​

  • Find more songs of choice

Lesson 3
Week 4: Playing Songs Cont.


  • Bar chord techniques E, B, C#m

  • Alternative strumming patterns

    • Riptide - Vance Joy

    • Hey, Soul Sister - Train (advanced strumming pattern, in original key, E)

  • More songs of choice

Lesson 4
Week 5: looking forward


  • Come to class with a song you are learning on your own 

  • Optional advanced techniques 

    • Hammer-on 

    • Pull-offs 

    • C pentatonic 

Lesson 5

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