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Congratulations to our

Outstanding TUSC Members

TUSC Would like to recognize the following members for their outstanding contribution to the Tufts Campus Community.

Member of the Year

2017-2018: Kristen Moran '20
2018-2019: Jocelyn Arroyo '22
2019-2020: Mathew Peña '21
2020-2021: Matthew Lem '23
2021-2022: Dariush Ghaffari '22

Member of the Month (2021-22)


TUSC Coordinator: Surya Adeleye '23

Team TUSC: Karina Lam '24

Film Series: Leah Truskinovsky '24


TUSC Coordinator: Jocelyn Arroyo '22

Team TUSC: Thomas Grant '25

Film Series: Anika Kapoor '25

Fitness Programs: Danielle Shaw '23


TUSC Coordinator: Maylin Gonzalez '24

Team TUSC: Helena Lowe '25

Film Series: Hector Rivera Bermudez '22

Fitness Programs: Rowan Bishop '22


TUSC Coordinator: Grace Gong '23 & Kevin Golub '24

Team TUSC: Joel Omolade '25

Film Series: Fiona Collins '24

Fitness Programs: Enna McBride '22


TUSC Coordinator: Jaden Shemesh '24

Team TUSC: Carolina Azevedo '24

Film Series: Miay Webb '25

Fitness Programs: Bronwyn Fulton '22


TUSC Coordinator: Gus Tringale '24

Team TUSC: Mikayla Cole '25

Film Series: Cora Hartmann '25

Fitness Programs: Pearl Young '22


TUSC Coordinator: Freya Gupta '24

Team TUSC: David Gillingham '25

Film Series: Ellie Fried '25

Fitness Programs: Maddie Ford '24

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