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Bi-Weekly BINGO

Every other Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST

Open to Tufts University undergraduate students only, login required.

  1. One card per person. 

  2. Reset your card after each game.

  3. If you get BINGO, turn your microphone on and yell "BINGO" and tell us your card number!

  4. If there are multiple BINGOs, we will continue to call numbers until there is one winner.

  5. To claim your prize, you must come to the Campus Center room 112 within 1 hour of the end of the round. Bring your Tufts Student ID!

  6. Students found to be disruptive will be removed.

Dates & Prize Themes: 
  • February 24: Black Legacy Month

  • March 10: Women's History Month

  • March 24: Sports 

  • April 7: Playlist

  • April 21: Earth Day

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How to Play:
  1. Log on to Zoom using the "Zoom" button below. You must log in using your Tufts account (SSO). 

    • Don't forget to mute your microphone.

    • Camera's are optional. 

    • You should only unmute yourself to call BINGO. 

    • Chat features will be disabled so participants can direct message the event host only. 

  2. Click the "Cards" button below to access your virtual BINGO card.

    • Use your Tufts SSO to log in.

    • Use your cursor to mark each number as it is called on both boards. Between rounds, you can click the "Reset Button" in the top right corner to reset your boards. You will use the same two boards for reach round.

    • To ensure students only get one card, the system is setup to prevent you from logging in multiple time. You may only access the "CARDS" link below once. After you click the link below and log in, you will not be able to log in to access the cards again. Do not log in until you are ready to play, and using the device you plan to play on. ​​

Do not click this link until you are on the device you plan to pay from. Once you click it once, you can't click it again.

Cards will be available at 9pm.


BINGO has ended for the semester. If you are looking to participate in the Senior Week "Last Call" BINGO, pre-registration was required via TuftsTickets and your link was sent directly via email. Check your spam folder!