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TUSC's Structure

TUSC is organized into nine different committees: Daytime Programs, Late Night & Weekend Programs, Fitness Programs, Signature Events, Celebrations, Concert, Senior Events, Marketing and Executive. TUSC coordinators serve as members on one of these committees. Volunteering with Team TUSC is another great way to get involved, click here for more information about Team TUSC.

Executive Coordinators

The TUSC Executive team (Exec) is responsible for supporting all members of TUSC through providing a strategic vision, mission, and overall event support. The team is made up of two co-chairs who work closely with our advisors to ensure all TUSC events are the very best they can be, and that individual members receive the support they need.


Late Night & Weekends

There are two coordinators for both Daytime and Late Night & Weekend Programs. Daytime Programs coordinators organize events throughout the week to help students de-stress, and Late Night & Weekend Programs coordinators organize fun events on and off campus on the weekends.

Celebrations &

Signature Events

There are two coordinators for both Celebrations and Signature Events. Signature is responsible for running the monthly BINGO series and annual Tufts traditions such as Tuftonia's Day, Fall Fest, and Winter Ball. Celebrations is in charge of the Weeks of Welcome and smaller annual class-specific events, such as the First Year Banner Contest, Sophomore Halfway There, Junior Send Off, and 100 Days Until Graduation.

Senior Events

The Senior Events coordinators organize Senior Week, our annual end of year celebration for graduating seniors, and a variety of senior-only events throughout the semester.

Fitness Programs & Concert

Concert coordinators organize the two big concerts each year: the Homecoming Concert and Spring Fling. They also look after planning our smaller Coffeehouse series, which features local up and coming artists. Fitness Programs runs our weekly fitness classes held in Hill Hall.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible for creating graphics, social media content, managing the TUSC website, and creating special content for videos and other projects. The team consists of graphic designers, social media managers, and a special projects coordinator.

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